Gravel & Sands

toothbucketpicwithrock2ToothBucket Scale

 All Sands & Gravels are sold by the ton.

    All Sands and Gravels are available for purchase in any weight increments!

       To assure that you get what you pay for, we have equipped our tooth bucket with a hydraulic weight system and a digital weight read-out that accurately weighs each product in the bucket!

No Guesswork!!   Order a ton and you get a ton!!  Need only 100 lbs? You get 100 lbs!

Since we load our sands and gravels in a bucket, you must have a pick up truck or trailer in order to pick up this product from our yard.  We offer delivery at competitive prices based on distance from our yard.

 One Ton Will Cover

360 sq. ft. @ 1/2 inch

180 sq. ft. @ 1 inch

90 sq. ft. @ 2 inches

45 sq. ft. @ 4 inches

30 sq. ft. @ 6 inches

23 sq. ft. @ 8 inches

15 sq. ft. @ 12 inches